Case Study

ESPN / Home Depot: Popover Banner Ad Example

Type: Partial Popover, Banner Ad, Combination

Grade: B


Upon opening, a popover advertising products from Home Depot takes over about one third of the page (1a). The ad contains a “close” option in the top right corner, but it recedes to a horizontal banner format within a few seconds (1b). The message in the popover is reinforced by two vertical banners (2) and a rectangular ad further down the page (3).

Screen Caps:



Have you ever heard that repetition is key? ESPN and Home Depot definitely think so. Repetition is the main element of this popover. This technique allows Home Depot to reinforce its message to a targeted demographic without forcing visitors to take any actions or completely interrupting their surfing. This technique works well for advertising new products, offering special deals, and increasing brand awareness.


This advertisement could be improved by providing a crystal clear incentive and/or by offering more value to the user so they actually click through. Another avenue to improve: engage the user to learn more about their preferences and then show them a more appropriate advertisement. For example, it might make sense to distinguish between a fan who attends games in person and likes to tailgate versus a person who prefers to watch games at home.