Inbound Marketing Techniques

One Surprising Trick To Make Visitors Feel Welcome (Don’t Worry, They Won’t Be Offended!)

Who doesn’t enjoy a warm welcome? Whether you’re greeted as you walk into a store, welcomed to a fancy hotel, or returning home after a long day, a pleasant greeting is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It’s a gesture offered with no obligation and no strings attached. (No pressure!) At the same time, it opens the door to further discussions.

Site owners can apply this concept to their website by creating a Popover that serves as their welcoming committee. “Welcome to our site. How can we help you?” is one approach. But that puts pressure on the visitor to come up with a detailed reply. (Too much work for them; we don’t want that.)

We’ve found that it’s best to eliminate small talk and focus on a simple question or task. In the example below, which we spotted on the website Thrive Themes, the popover helps to determine what the user is looking for or struggling with:


We love this approach because it eliminates distractions, empowers the visitor, helps the site owner understand the needs of his or her visitors, and it tailors the experience to the needs of the user. Everybody wins.

Fear of being too invasive stops some website owners from using popovers. If you are legitimately trying to help users, dismiss this concern immediately. It’s hard to fathom any downside to ensuring that your website visitors feel supported and welcomed, and informed that help is one click away.

Are you really being invasive if the visitor needs you? Absolutely not. It’s like going to a restaurant for the first time. The receptionist and wait staff are there to makes things easier for you so that you have an enjoyable experience. (Even if you can’t understand something on the menu.)

Popover Genie is like a member of your website’s staff – waiting and ready to help visitors find what they need. So when it comes to designing your Popover, pretend you’re rolling out a virtual red carpet to each visitor. What can you say that will allow each visitor get the most value from your website?