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We Get Around Network: 3 Flash Poll Examples

Readers of this blog know that recent posts describe how Flash Polls are used. Most recently, we examined how Amazon, Facebook, and Google utilize Flash Polls to learn about their users’ behavior. Today, we examine how one of our clients, the We Get Around Network, implemented a series of Flash Polls and what conclusions were reached.

The We Get Around Network is comprised of 2,100+ 3D, VR and 360° Photographers, Real Estate Agents, and 3rd Party Service Providers from 80+ countries around the world. We used the following guidelines for each of the Flash Poll examples shown below:

  • Simple Question. A simple Yes or No question is posed to the community
  • Limited Time. The question runs for 24 hours.
  • Full Page Takeover. The question takes over the entire page after a short delay of 20-30 seconds.
  • Answer Required. An answer is required for users to proceed. (There is no way to “close” the question unless you answer it.)
  • Don’t Antagonize. Users are only asked the question one time.
  • Share Results. The results are shared with the community after 24 hours.

Although users are forced to answer the question to proceed, the topic is relevant and the question is intriguing. So the response rate for each question is high, typically 80% or higher. And by getting more visitors to respond, we get a bigger sample size, which improves the accuracy of the results.

As a result of taking these Flash Polls, the site owner took confident steps to expand the type of topics that are covered by the community, gauged demand for products and services in future months, and discovered how community members interact with their clients.

Flash Poll #1. Expand topics covered?


Flash Poll #2. Plan to purchase?


Flash Poll #3. Interacted with client(s)?