Inbound Marketing Techniques

3 Questions To Ask Website Visitors To Build Trust

We recently identified five inbound marketing trends that will continue in 2017. The second trend on that list is “smarter websites”. What do we mean when we say “smarter websites”?

Well, in recent years, responsive design techniques enabled web developers to create websites that look good across the entire spectrum of devices from laptops to tablets to phones of all sizes. So, in that way, websites are “smarter” than they used to be. But what we predict in this case, looking ahead to 2017, is that more websites will tap into the emotional needs of visitors and build trust more quickly.

To put it another way, a website that is mobile responsive has a high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) but not necessarily a high EQ (Emotional Quotient). Most marketing websites are glorified electronic brochures that visitors can easily dismiss. However, we believe websites that empower their visitors to self-identify the challenges they face will prove to be more effective in years to come.

How can websites improve their emotional intelligence? Ironically, AI (Artificial Intelligence) could increase a website’s emotional intelligence. Imagine, for example, product recommendations generated by a complex AI algorithm that analyzes your behavior. But we’re looking for a faster approach; something that any site owner could implement right away.

Therefore, we identified three simple questions that help site build trust with their visitors. These questions could be integrated into a marketing website using Popover Genie to make it more interactive.

  • What is the #1 challenge you are struggling with right now? You can segment users based on their response.
  • Is Product X right for you? You can ask if your product will meet the needs of the visitor.
  • Are you planning to take [some specific action] in the next 30 days? You can learn what your user wants to achieve in the near future so you can help them.

An interactive question like the ones posed above can make your website seem more intelligent. A site owner who can demonstrates that he or she understands (or at least wants to understand) the challenges faced by their visitors is more likely to pique their interest and gain their trust. An example, posed by We Get Around Network, is a previous post.