Inbound Marketing Techniques

Three Ways To Make Your Persuasive Free Offer Super Obvious

Attracting users to your website is no easy feat. When launching a new site, it seems like a small miracle when your content is first indexed by Google. When spending money on ads, it seems like a small fortune is required to get traction.

No matter how your visitors discovered your site, you have only a small amount of time to connect with them before they leave. Therefore, it’s critical to make your Persuasive Free Offer (PFO) super obvious so they don’t miss it. It’s not possible (or legal) to grab the visitor by their collar and shake them. So what can we do instead to get their attention? In this post, we describe three ways to make your PFO super obvious.

  • Full Page Popover. Utilize a service like Popover Genie to insert a custom landing page or welcome mat. This approach eliminates distractions and forces the user to focus on your PFO.
  • Repeat the Offer. Embed the offer in multiple places on your site. Visitor’s might instinctively ignore your offer at first. Don’t let them suffer remorse from ignoring your offer the first time. Make it effortless for them opt-in.
  • Catchy Copy. Use the word “free” and frame the offer from the user’s perspective. What’s in it from them? How does the PFO address the challenges they’re struggling with right now?

Is this approach too invasive? Does it upset visitors? Your visitors could be offended if your PFO is not designed to help them overcome the obstacles they’re facing. But if you are genuinely concerned about helping your visitors, there’s no need to be bashful about trying to help them. If there is a strong match between your products and services and at least one of the visitor’s problems, users will be very receptive to your offer. That’s why it’s so critical to make your offer super obvious.