Inbound Marketing Techniques

One Big Secret To Delivering Value To Website Visitors

We’ve all responded to online offers by handing over our precious email address only to end up with some dubious “benefit” that raises more questions than answers or creates more problems than solutions. We can do better. A frustrating “bate-and-switch” experience is not conducive to building trust or transacting future business.

That’s why the Persuasive Free Offer (PFO) in your popover must strike the right balance. You need to provide meaningful value to your visitors up front and you need to position the offer in the most appealing and eye-catching terms. But don’t give away too much too fast for too little in return. It’s like playing hard to get. You want to tease your visitors, coax them along, and lay the foundation for a healthy, long-term business relationship.

One option is keeping expectations very low: “Hi there. Sign up for our newsletter.” But is there a more effective way for site owners to deliver value to their visitors? We believe the secret to delivering “value” to website visitors is to share potent information they do not have access to. The information provided by the site owner might be privately held and not publicly available. Or the information might be publicly available but not compiled in a way that’s easy for the visitor to digest.

Both scenarios create an imbalance between the site owner and the visitor in which the visitor feels compelled to hand over their email address in exchange for access to information they need to make decisions about the topic at hand.

One of our client examples, for the We Get Around Network, is shown below.