Case Study

Amazing Popover Technique To Connect With Visitors From “Just a Girl Blog”

Have you ever heard that a smile can take you a long way? Charisma and body language are present in everyday interactions, and play an important role in convincing or persuading others. The best sales people are those who provide a personalized and relatable experience to their customers, creating a connection and hopefully cultivating a new bond.

Establishing a personal relationship with customers is huge a challenge in an online environment. How can a website owner convey enthusiasm and trust? We found a great example of a Popover that does exactly that. This Popover from the site Just a Girl Blog, features a photograph of the site owner which helps site visitors associate the business to a person and overcome the impression they are talking to a machine. For marketing geeks like us, it’s practically a work of art.

The photograph of the site owner is complemented by a warm, inviting message that also includes the important keyword FREE. The site owner does not beg the visitor to sign up. Instead, she makes a genuine appeal to the visitor to subscribe to future site updates.

We also love that there are two ways to sign up. Whether it is via the banner on top or the popover itself, visitors can easily opt-in. We already know repetition is a good tool of persuasion, and by providing the visitor with choice, the popover gives them freedom and power to control their own destiny as well as a “second chance” in case they regret closing the initial popover.

So we love the photo, the warm message, and the fact that there’s two ways to sign up. What would we change? We think the site owner could benefit from adding a more compelling Persuasive Free Offer (PFO) that would bring more immediate value to the customer.