Inbound Marketing Techniques

Trending: Two Question Multi Page Popovers

New Inbound Marketing trends pop up all the time. (Pun not intended!) Recently, we’ve noticed an increasing number of websites that utilize two question or multi-page Popovers that only take up a small portion of the screen. This technique allows the site owner to segment data by asking two or more questions in a non-invasive way.

In a typical example, the first question is designed to discover what obstacles the visitor is struggling with. The response allows the site owner to segment the user and pose a specific follow up question. A third question might follow or contain a Persuasive Free Offer.

In the example shown in the screen caps below, the Popover asks a simple Yes or No Question: “Are you finding what you are looking for?“. The copy is inviting and the “ask” is very small. This approach prompts the visitor to engage. The second question in the example delves further into the visitor’s satisfaction: “How easy is it to find what you are looking for?” The visitor is prompted to match their feelings to one of three simple icons.

The Popover in the example ends at that point. It could make sense to add a third question that would prompt the user to take the most desired action or insert a Persuasive Free Offer. But there’s nothing wrong with a basic fact finding mission to gather information about how visitors feel about your website.

After collecting hundreds of responses, the website owner possesses valuable data. If ratings keep coming in positive – that’s great! If not, that’s okay too. Either way, the site owner is equipped to make improvements based on the feedback that was collected from visitors.

We believe that two question multi-page Popovers are more than just a trend. This technique is effective without being too invasive, makes the visitor feel like their opinion matters, and nets valuable intelligence for the website owner. In our opinion, this type of Popover gets an “Excellent”.